img2Britta Christiansen

I’m a thought leader in business who is passionate about helping people get lasting and meaningful results in their businesses and lives.

I’ve worked in many weird and wonderful places. The one that raises the most eyebrows was a stint as 19 year old in Tegucigalpa Prison in Honduras currently the murder capital of the world! However the one I have found most rewarding and challenging has been running my own business. I fell into business coaching 14 years ago and like many owners, I’ve experienced the ups and downs on every level that come from being in business. Part of the reason I’ve been able to successfully work with thousands of business people from solopreneurs to some of NZ’s largest companies is because I’ve been on a similar journey. I’ve owned other businesses over the years and some of the mistakes I made have helped me become an even more insightful coach with a deeper understanding of how to help people achieve business and personal mastery.

So while others describe me as a great business coach who cares and helps them get great results, I see myself as someone who simply wants to share her knowledge and help others be successful too even if that means a bit of tough love from time to time.

And in case you’re interested, I LOVE traveling and learning. I have an ever-growing list of degrees (well just 2), certificates and course attendances all of which help me stay current in the thought leader space. I’m also currently on the Board of Teen Discovery, a not-for-profit organization that teaches teens communication and study skills to help them shine.


Britta Christiansen

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