About The Ripple Effect

Business coaching and training company

Hi, I’m Britta

For over 20 years I’ve been coaching, mentoring and training business leaders and their teams to create their own powerful ripple effect. Friends and family say, 20+years, no way, you’ve been doing this your whole life ☺

It’s something I do naturally and one of my primary objectives when working with people is to help them identify, own and nurture their natural talents.

Business has become more complex in many areas and the temptation is to be a jack-of-all trades.

So how do you really know what to focus on, where your talents will shine? What if your previous successes are shielding your blind spots and getting in the way of your next level of success?

What if you need to unlearn some behaviours and thought patterns that you’ve relied on because these are getting in the way of future success?

Formulaic coaching won’t help, deep coaching can.

Helping clients transform

I am a life ling learner and continue to upskill myself in anything that might help me help my clients. Along the way, I’ve trained in a number of powerful coaching and training modalities that I use to help clients transform their communication and behaviour including

  • Conversational Intelligence™
  • DiSC Profiling, MBTI™
  • Havening™
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching™
  • mBIT Coaching™

I’m also a lead facilitator with Ten Behaviours™ and Active Management Programme workshops™.

Putting first things first

Where to start?

The 80/20 rule is well known. The challenge is most people lack clarity around what their 20% really is. Overwhelm, busyness, stress, fire-fighting, mediocre results are often symptoms of fuzzy clarity. Once people are clear about what’s important to them it’s much easier to stay focused on putting those things first.

“Britta will make you think, grow and profit!!!”

“Britta was fantastic to work with and understood the business and its challenges immediately. Providing simple and effective ideas and methods that could be implemented straight away.

Britta was enthusiastic and motivating and really was a pleasure to deal with – we love working with Britta!”

– Mitchell Grant

“I have worked with Britta over the last few years which have been a real blast. Her knowledge and ability to ‘Suss me out’ and help with a wide range of techniques and ideas to help continue to grow our business and myself.

I would highly recommend having a chat with Britta…she will make you think, grow and profit!!!”

– Philip Holland